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Welcome to J&P Masonry Chicago, your reliable source for all kinds of brick work. With a long history based on traditional skills and an eye on the future, we offer a unique mix of old-world methods and new ways of doing masonry Chicago things.

We do a lot of different kinds of masonry Chicago. Whether it’s the careful masonry restoration of an old building, the building of a new brick wall, or the masonry repair Chicago of a stone fireplace, our team has the skills and knowledge to do the job right. So do not hesitate and contact our masonry contractors Chicago today!

Comprehensive Masonry Chicago Services
by J&P Masonry & Tuckpointing Company

Masonry Restoration , Construction, Repair, and Customization

J&P Masonry & Tuckpointing offers a full range of masonry Chicago services, such as restoration, construction, repair, and customization.
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The Best Masonry Restoration

We are the best masonry contractors Chicago at fixing up all kinds of brick buildings. We use our extensive knowledge of materials and building methods to bring your building back to its former glory and protect its architectural history.

Masonry Chicago Building

Our masonry contractors Chicago can build a wide range of brick buildings, from new homes to improvements. We know how to build with brick, stone, and blocks, so we can give you high-quality results that meet your needs.


We offer a wide range of repair services, from fixing small cracks and chips, chimney repair Chicago to solving bigger structural problems. Our goal is to make your brick buildings last longer and be stronger.

Masonry Chicago
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Our masonry contractors Chicago know that each job is different. We can help, whether you already have a plan in mind or need professional advice. Our personalized brick work is meant to make your ideas come to life.

At J&P Masonry & Tuckpointing, we think it’s important to do good masonry Chicago work that will last.
When you pick our masonry Chicago services, you’re picking a team that cares about greatness, honesty, and making sure you’re happy.

Three Main Benefits of Masonry Repair Chicago And Restoration


Keeping Historical Value

The artistic and historical value of a building can be kept by fixing and restoring its masonry Chicago. By keeping the original stonework, we preserve a piece of history and keep the building looking nice.

Integrity Of The Structure

When you fix and perform masonry restoration, you make the building stronger and more resistant to weather and time. It fixes any damage that is already there, stops problems from happening in the future, and keeps the building in good shape.

Saving Money

Restoring and doing masonry repair Chicago on a regular basis can stop harm from getting worse and costing more in the future. It's a cheap way to take care of your property, which could make it worth more over time and save you money on more expensive masonry repair Chicago in the future.

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