Why You Should Consider Tuckpointing Chicago For Your Chimney

Both physically and aurally, fireplaces and chimneys provide warmth to a house. Everyone enjoys the feeling of a warm, comfortable fireplace on a chilly winter night, but if yours is old and coming apart and you don’t use it because you’re worried about the expensive expense of upgrading it, you’re losing out on nothing. Tuckpointing Chicago is probably able to assist and will cost much less than replacement.

Tuckpointing: What Is It?

In the tuckpointing procedure, damaged, decaying mortar is removed and replaced with brand-new, fresh mortar. Using a grinder, the old mortar is removed, and it is replaced with new mortar that matches the brick’s color by local masonry contractors Chicago like the ones from J&P Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago. Grooves are also carved into the new mortar, and they are filled with the same mortar. You may tuckpoint a fireplace or chimney completely or only a small section of it. It not only eliminates the crumbling mortar before it compromises the structural integrity of the chimney, but it also gives it a new, revitalized appearance.

The Benefits of Tuckpointing for Chimneys

Mortar is not as durable as bricks, which may endure a century or more. Wind, rain, and sun damage the mortar over time, and when that happens, your chimney may start to tilt or possibly collapse. Alternatively, it can result in cracks where water might seep in, harm your home’s inside, and create mold or wood rot. Tuckpointing may be used to replace the mortar, halt the corrosion, and restore the structural integrity of your chimney, provided it isn’t too badly damaged. Your chimney or fireplace will benefit from tuckpointing, which will boost the value of your house in addition to restoring your ability to enjoy its warmth.
Tuckpointing is far less costly than a full repair or rebuild, and with your chimney rebuilt, there will be reduced heat loss, which will also result in lower heating expenses.

What to Look Out For

Given that so much of your chimney is hidden from view and that the majority of what is visible is located on your roof, you may not be aware that it needs chimney repair Chicago. It could still be nice from what you can see. If there are stains on the paint or wallpaper near the chimney, there is a significant probability that the chimney is leaking and moisture is entering via damaged sections. You most likely have a leak within the chimney if you see spots where the mortar is eroding, fractured bricks, musty aromas when it rains, or discolored bricks. If a leak in your chimney is disregarded, you could have to pay for repairs that include more than just a chimney.