Looking for Masonry Contractors in Chicago?

Keeping your property in good conditions is what we specialize in. Our masonry Chicago services include: tuckpointing, chimney repairs, caulking, waterproofing, brickwork, and repairs to chimney caps and flashing.The ultimate goal of our services is to make you feel comfortable and safe at home so you can enjoy it, with the people you care about.  Thanks to a high level of expertise and commitment, our team keeps special attention to detail and guarantees outstanding service. 

Chimneys,or fireplaces are certainly a pleasant and enjoyable experience and also a timeless design element. Some can be very old, built from wood or clay or some may follow modern trends like steel or other components  such as frame design. We want to share with you some common chimneys problems for you to be aware and keep in mind to prevent any inconvenience.


If you notice any smoke inside your house, check it as soon as possible. This is a simple indication of obstruction and is frequently caused by a bird’s nest. Treat this issue on time because it can trigger carbon monoxide poisoning or fires. Our experts can easily fix this occurrence for you and your loved ones. 

Built up Creosote

Creosote is the residue left behind after fossil fuels are burned. It is extremely dangerous as it builds up because it can produce an uncontrollable fire and also compromise airflow.

Fractures in Brickwork 

Even though bricks  are extremely durable  and timeless, the mortar is not. It can be repaired easily if it’s noticed in time.  If it is left unnoticed and in disrepair, it could potentially lead to a collapse.  

Broken Chimney Liner

It’s very important to make it a rule: Never use a chimney if you perceive it to be broken; due to several causes, the liners will crack over time.  Exposure to extreme heat or weather conditions can release harmful gases and even cause a fire that can seep into your house through the crack lines. Prevent this to keep your family in good health.

Closed Damper Stuck

Another key explanation why the smoke does not properly exhaust or escape out is because the damper stuck  is closed which could be from deterioration or lack of proper maintenance. 

Schedule a Chimney Makeover

To avoid fires, your fireplace should be secure and well-maintained, but it should also be beautiful and relaxing for you to feel calm at home.  A chimney overhaul is always a good idea to add a new atmosphere to your house and increase its value.

Feel free to consult with us about the support you may need from our team, top Chicago masonry contractors. Check out our beautiful masonry work and quality service which speaks for itself. Let us guide you through any trouble areas.